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Another book that I recommend from my 2014 reading list…

Factory Town by Jon Bassoff

Bassoff has written a book that defies a simple summary. He has birthed a book that speaks in riddles. He has crafted a book without meaning, yet has given us a novel that seems to speak to us on a deeper level. How can you review this type of book without speaking in riddles yourself? Is it horror? Is it noir? Is it science fiction? It is lunacy. It is genius. It is the future of writing.
While the book flows in a logicless manner and the plot is far from seamless, the plot makes sense in the larger picture and by time the story comes full circle from the prologue to the epilogue, you will be fulfilled as a reader. Bassoff shows he is a genius who creates a story in which each illogical plot twist fits seamlessly into the tapestry of madness and confusion he has woven for his main character. Factory Town, as a book and as a setting, is filled with confusion and chaos, murder and madness, bleakness and beauty, and death and destruction.
A plot summary is impossible. The book jumps, glides and soars in a million directions, but each one makes for its own beautiful trip into insanity. The book brought back memories of Into the Mouth of Madness. If that movie had a love child with American Horror Story, they would create this book. Yet this love child more than exceeds any accomplishment of its predecessors.
A trip through Factory Town is a trip into a mind that is rotting away. I have never read a book that contained so many twisted phrases and images, just randomly thrown together and seemingly out of place. The images of depravity that fill this book make the reader cringe, yet marvel at the genius that is Bassoff. This is the author that will take writing into the future. The book is that great.
The fact that I adored this book gives me chills, as I don’t quite like what that may hint about myself. The fact that I loved reading this book makes me feel sick to stomach. The fact that I loved this book makes me another member of the ever-growing legion of readers that hold our breaths awaiting a glimpse into the main of Bassoff and welcome every macabre word that emanates from his mind. I can’t find the words to say how much this book took hold of me. This book will blow your mind. Enjoy…


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