Author to Watch

The Closeout Kings by C. Hoyt Caldwell

I read C. Hoyt Caldwell’s previous book and liked it. I liked it enough that I was pretty excited when I saw he was preparing to launch The Closeout Kings onto the world. I am very glad he was on my watch list, because this book shows us that Caldwell is honing his writing chops and I anticipate some great books coming from him in the future.

What made this book better than his previous offering is his ability to show you the driving motivations behind each character. He makes each character come to life with background stories and motivations. Each action that is made by the characters is believable and the characters jump off the page. The bad guys are shown to have traces of redemption and you ache alongside them as you are pulled into their world and understand what makes them kick.

In the past I have read authors as they went from good to great and I really feel Caldwell is an author on the rise. He packs humor, suspense, and surprises into a novel that is a blast from beginning to end. I kept picturing Larry the Cable Guy as one of his main characters and I think this book should be optioned for a film. Very well done!


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