Short Stories that are Long on Entertainment

Just finished Crimes in Southern Indiana by Frank Bill and am so sorry that the ride is over!

Crimes in Southern Indiana blew me away! The stories contained within the pages of this book brought me into a world that while I knew it existed, I had never had a face to put to it and certainly never understood the motives and lives of those caught in the downward spiral of this world. Frank Bill changed that will this rocket fueled infused collection of stories.

This collection sets the bar for short stories at a level I don’t think anyone will ever be able to reach. The stories are intertwined with characters and motivations that are like ripples in a pond. The characters you meet in one story are revisited in stories later in the collection and you are allowed an insight into their world and you understand how their actions in the previous tales were dictated by the wildness their lives contain. You also get to witness how the ripples created in one story set off a chain reaction of mayhem for other characters and how these new ripples often have serious consequences for the original characters. Time and time again I found myself speechless when reading about the callous manner in which lives were destroyed or forever altered by actions induced by the hopelessness of the lives being led by the characters created by Frank Bill.

Very hard to pick a story that was head above the others, as they were all outstanding and in some ways the stories read like a novel spliced together by a madman or a genius (not sure which one Frank is). I am very pleased to report that I will be getting my mitts on Donnybrook and reading it post haste. This is the type of book that will change your way of thinking about how the other half lives. 4 stars plus 2 thumbs up doesn’t seem to be enough praise for this fine bit of writing. Grab a copy and enjoy!




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