Another 2014 Best Book

If you are not reading Dave Zeltserman you are not reading the right books. This year brought us Zeltserman’s The Boy Who Killed Demons and it was quite a great read.

I have always loved Dave Zeltserman’s novels, including his crime novels, horror infused novels, and short stories. His latest offering, The Boy Who Killed Demons further cements his status as an author who continuously puts out books that are better than the books that precede them. I have said on many occasions and stand by my contention that Zeltserman could rewrite the phonebook and it would come out exciting and enjoyable read. Yes, he is that talented.

This offering from Zeltserman centers on 13-year-old Henry Dudlow and his ability (or curse) of seeing demons in the world around him. Through his meticulous research using a 17th century text, he discovers that demons are tied to a series of crimes against children that are taking place. In a race against the clock, Dudlow must fight against a demon within his town without letting on that he knows he is a demon and at the same time pacify his parents so he is able to continue his quest to stop the terrifying outcome that awaits mankind if the demons are able to complete their plans.

While the book has a plot that centers on a 13-year-old, the plot is tight and due to some rough language (in my opinion) a book geared for adults to sink their teeth into. I zipped through the book in two days and the only reason it wasn’t one day is because I had to go to work.

Zeltserman is one of the clearest examples of how great authors don’t seem to be getting the mainstream audience they deserve. The masses can keep their James Patterson’ novels, I will take Zeltserman and his lean writing style. If there is justice in the world of publishing and reading, Zeltserman’s big break is right around the corner and he will attract all the readers his books rightfully deserve. This book would make a great summer blockbuster movie for adults, teens and tweens. Here’s hoping it happens for him.



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