All Due Respect 5 is Kicking A** and Taking Names


What the hell is going on over at All Due Respect Books? Did someone sell their soul to the devil in return for the ability to only put out books that satisfy any lover of dark noir? Or is it just that Mike Monson and Chris Rhatigan have a keen eye for talent and are set on consistently publishing the best noir short stories, novellas, and novels coming out today? I am not sure which explanation to believe, but I am grateful for whatever is causing the influx of great books that are beginning to flood my TBR pile.

I can’t even begin to choose my favorite story from this badass collection. It starts with an excerpt from Steve Widdle’s upcoming novel. This sets the tone of the collection very nicely. It is a fast rolling selection and makes me excited for the novel to come out. After reading Widdle’s “Country Hardball”, I have been anxiously waiting for a novel to come our way.

Keith Rawson is showing that he pens some of the best short stories you can select. This story is a fun drug fueled ride into paranoia and insanity. I liked the beginning, loved the middle, and was dreading the ending, as I didn’t want the ride to end. Great ending to this one!

Paul D Brazill joins the party with a great tale of revenge. His main character, Godard, has his eye on revenge and retribution against a bent copper from his past. After getting the location of his adversary through the forceful beating of another old nemesis, the story really gets dark. Like I said before, hard to pick a favorite from this great collection, but this one certainly would be in my top choices. Excellent story!

I have long loved the stories I have read from Angel Luis Colon and this story continues that trend. Any story that opens with a gun to someone’s head and only gets better, is a story that you have to read. Sean Clarke is a classic noir character. Any man who is “20 G down with a 10% vig” and goes double or nothing is my kind of character. After he loses (not a spoiler for any true noir lover) he ends up with nothings and self –assesses himself be stating “ well nothing being my life”. Very strong stuff here and I am on pins and needles awaiting Colon’s upcoming novella.

The 5th story is by Garrnett Elliott and has themes of redemption and second chances. The beauty of it is in the hands of a noir author, those themes always lead to more trouble. Elliott doesn’t disappoint us and takes us on a fantastic ride filled with sex offenders, bales of drugs, and loads of bad choices.

Gabino Iglesias joins the party next with a character who wakes up in a strange hotel with a busted-up face and no memory of what happened. He knows he has a car that has 5 kilos of stolen drugs in the trunk and that he has a need to get moving before it’s too late, but he doesn’t count on the bad trip Iglesias has in store for him. I thought this story was a n exciting story with a great twist of an ending.

Want to know what the worst thing about the tale by Joe Sinisi is? It’s the last fiction offering of this collection. But, oh boy, does the collection close with a bang. This tale had some disturbing images within its plot and I thank Mr. Sinisi for that. He did the collection proud, as this story of a woman on a quest to find an old flame was a great read!

Take all these great stories and add reviews for Nigel Bird, Westlake, and Brewer and you have a must own collection here.

My TBR pile is extensive on any given day, and it just got bigger, as ADR just recently released a new one by Jake Hinkson and just published Uncle Dust by Rob Pierce. Guess what two books just jumped to the top of my TBR pile? I am in love with All Due Respect Books! Keep them coming!


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