When You Run With Wolves


When You Run With Wolves by Robert White is the fourth release from upstart publishing company Number Thirteen Press. This was the first release from them that I don’t think fits into the noir category (much debate can happen over what fits into the noir category, but since this is my blog I will use my interpretation of noir). It was a quick read and will certainly appeal to readers who enjoy crime novels and tales of bad-luck characters.

Main character, Jack Trichaud, has just committed a robbery that nets him slightly under 1 million dollars. Life must be sweet, right? Well not so quick…he has taken all the money from the robbery, despite the fact it should have been a 3-way split between him, his estranged brother, and a white supremacist. As his ex-partners, along with the obligatory femme fatale, try to locate him and force him to hand over the proceeds from the robbery, Trichaud must also deal with an FBI agent who is hot on his trail. His world is getting more closed in as his pursuers start to pt the squeeze on him. The big question is if he will make it through this with the money, or will he end up in prison, or worse, in a body bag.

The plot was quick paced and enjoyable. If I had to pinpoint an area that didn’t fire on all cylinders for me, it would be the dialogue between the characters. There were points in the story that the exchange between the characters didn’t seem to ring true to me. There were times where it seemed the characters were trying to be witty, but the situations didn’t seem to warrant that type of dialogue exchange.

Despite this minor area that didn’t work perfectly for me (I am sure that was just a quirk for me and others wouldn’t notice this at all), I found the book to be another fine offering from a publishing company that is publishing books that are perfectly suited for a noir lover such as myself. I am greatly anticipating the next release from this publisher. As they issue a new release on the 13th of every month, the 13th is starting to become a favorite day of mine and if you jump on their bandwagon I am sure it will become a favorite of yours.


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