Eric Beetner seems to have a formula that he has used for every book he has published:

Fun plot + believable characters + witty dialogue + breakneck pace = novel that knocks you socks off.

I am more than pleased to say his latest, Rumrunners, shows that he is fine-tuning this formula. He has written many good books, but dare I say, this book is his best yet, which is saying a lot. His latest offering is being published by independent publisher, 280 Steps, and is due for release on May 12, 2015.

The plot is a simple one that just seems to get more enjoyable as the book progresses. It is amazing how Beetner handles this story in such a masterful manner. It starts like it is shot from a gun and never seems to slow down until the very end.

The men from the McGraw clan have been drivers for the more wealthier Stanley family for the past 3 generations. The McGraws have driving in their blood and are excited to drive any cargo anywhere it needs to go. As the Stanley’s have their fingers in less than desirable dealings, the cargo is usually of an illegal nature. The latest job calls for Webb McGraw to pick up some cargo and deliver it to an anxious buyer who will be using it to cook meth. What should be a simple job goes off the rails and Webb and the cargo disappear without a trace. In an attempt to locate both Webb and their missing cargo, the Stanleys seek out Webb’s son Tucker, the one McGraw who doesn’t want to live the illegal life of a illegal cargo transporter, and tell him he either finds and delivers the missing cargo for them or pays them the 10 million dollars the cargo is worth.

Tucker is out of his league in this world, but he knows someone who can handle this and more. He seeks out his grandfather, Calvin, and together they search for answers to exactly what happened to Webb and the cargo. They rule out that Webb disappeared on his own volition because “Webb operated under a strict code of ethics on an unethical profession.” They both know that Webb lived for the driving, not for making profit off the cargo. Calvin is convinced the answers they seek can be found if they know who to shake down and how hard to shake them down.

As the story unfolds Tucker learns that sometimes our family is not just connected to us through blood, but their genes can be hidden in our blood and give us the ability to do things we never thought we could. As Tucker slowly discovers he is a McGraw at heart, the reader gets to take an amazing adventure with him and an amazingly tough old man.

This book was an outstanding read that can be read in a few sittings. Beetner has some dialogue that made me laugh out loud and he has a great knack for making his characters come to life. He deserves a wide audience and certainly deserves credit for crafting a great book. I highly recommend everyone grab a copy of this book and all of his previous works.


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