Dark Water is Darkly Wonderful


The latest release by Number Thirteen Press is one hell of a explosive firecracker. Dark Water by Ariana D. Den Bleyker has a short fuse and a powerful bang that wipes out everything you think you know about typical novellas.

Bleyker’s plot is slick. Henry is on the run. His wife has been murdered and no one would believe he is innocent. Why not? Well, maybe because it would not be the first time Henry has killed. He has a very dark past and that past makes Henry a man you should never trust. Henry fancies himself an artist who created exhibits…now he may begin creating canvases out of bodies. He is a dangerous man to come into contact with and as he slowly begins to lose control, the violence inside him grows and sets up a killer ending to a well-plotted, well-written piece of art.

This novel is full of plot twists and is a great example of dark, twisted noir. The book is a fast, quick read but it packs the punch of novels twice its size. This novel had me guessing on which way the next chapter would turn the story and that is an extreme compliment. There is no greater compliment to pay a piece of writing than to say you hated to see it end. Did I hate to see this novella end? Hell yeah. Did I think Bleyker should have made it a longer piece of writing? Yes, but who am I to argue with near perfection?


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