No Reason To Slow Down When Reading This One


There is something special about Slow Down by Lee Matthew Goldberg that I just can’t seem to put my finger on. Sure the plot is quick moving and focuses on some of my favorite noir material, sure the dialogue is witty at places and insightful in others, and sure the characters seem to come to life as you read it…but the sum seems to be even bigger than all those respective parts would indicate it would be. This was a dynamite read from beginning to end and I dare say there are elements within the book that seem to indicate Goldberg is going be putting out even better novels in the future.

This firecracker of a book centers on Noah Spaeth, a trust fund type of guy who wants for nothing; except to be a big time writer. Things begin to look up when he strikes up a friendship with Dominick Bamback, the new “it” director of Hollywood. The two men bond; yet remain like water and oil.

…then us two men, differing a little in age, laughed obnoxiously: at our new friendship based on who could be the bigger a##hole. At the time, neither of us realized what the other one had planned, both thinking we had the upper hand, while in reality a war was about to begin. ..


The friendship between a somewhat snobby Noah and the world-at-his-fingertips Dominick is one based on getting the upper hand and being willing to go to all lengths to do just that. When you mix in Dominick’s wife and Noah’s desire to possess her, the sparks begin to fly for the reader.

This book does everything right. It contains everything you could want in a tightly written piece of literature. Goldberg penned the type of book that makes you want to shake people who aren’t aware that there are authors that exist outside the aisles of Barnes & Noble and their local Costco. This is a perfect example of why people need to look at the smaller presses to find the best books being published.

New Pulp Press has put out yet another winner. The emergence of the E-Reader has allowed noir lovers to be drenched with novels, novellas, and short stories that are published by publishers that seem to be run by noir readers and noir lovers. These books are cheap to access and there is no reason for you not to drop a few dollars on this book. Great read!


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