Junkie Love Will Get You Addicted to this Author


Heroin first, speed second, cocaine third, and then all the other stuff like food and shelter. That was my hierarchy of needs.

Junkie Love by Joe Clifford is an amazing testament to the power of drugs over the human mind, heart, and soul. But it is also a testament to the human spirit’s tenacity in the face of adversity. Clifford’s honest recollections of his time as an addict are heartbreaking and entertaining at the same time. Not that I find entertainment in the pain, suffering, and misery of others, but rather because I have followed Clifford as an author and as a Facebook personality and have witnessed how his story has blossomed into a seemingly wonderful life with a beautiful family, I am able to read the book while knowing the story ends in triumph.

Anyone who has read Clifford before knows that he has a beautiful way with words and has an uncanny ability to take the mundane nuisances of life and put a poetic spin on them and leave the reader thinking how he has captured an idea or sentiment in a beautifully poignant manner. This work of art is no exception and shows Clifford at his finest in stripping situations from his own past and putting them into insightful and honest words.

Clifford holds nothing back and bares his soul for all to see in these pages. It is this baring of the soul that allows you to connect with his pain and ultimately, his triumph.

He shares his relationship with his wife: I still love my wife. Very much. It’s just that I love something more.

We experience the love/need he feels for other women in is life and how drugs influence this relationship: …(people) don’t understand junkie love. When you’re as sick and addicted as we are, the rules of the game change. When you’ve just banged a speedball up your thigh and… (finished being intimate)…you can’t tell if it’s the orgasm or the rush of the narcotics that is making you feel so needed, so loved, so perfectly at peace with your disjointed world, because there is no division anymore, not from you, or from her, or from the drugs; it is one big tingling pleasure center, and it’s viral and parasitic. Amy will be my heroin.


I recommend this book without reservation and with extreme insistence that you grab a copy and experience this world that Clifford amazingly didn’t create for a work of fiction, but has lived through. This is a shot of strong writing; it will make your eyes tear, your throat burn, and will certainly leave an aftertaste. But the aftereffects of this one will be in your mind for days and you will enjoy the Joe Clifford rise to the top even more. Don’t just stop with this one, instead have a Joe Clifford novel marathon and see why he is an author that has gone from the bottom of the depths and is becoming the cream of the crop.


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