The Glasgow Grin by Martin Stanley


About a year ago, I took a chance and bought a book called The Hunters by Martin Stanley, an author I was unfamiliar with. I devoured the book in two days and immediately started looking for other books he had written. That is how I stumbled upon the series of short stories and novellas that feature the Stanton Brothers. This accidental discovery of Stanley’s work is one of the top highlights of the past year in my reading life.

To say that the Stanton Brothers’ stories, novellas, and novels will keep you entertained is making too simplistic of a statement. To be accurate, they will entertain you, amaze you, make you laugh, keep you up late at night as you read “just one more chapter” and make you a fan of Martin Stanley forever.

I have been waiting for him to release The Glasgow Grin since I finished his last Stanton book. I was not disappointed with this book in any way, shape, or form. As is the key to any series with reoccurring main characters, Stanley allows the characters to evolve and we see new insights into Eric Stanton, the main character. The banter that passes between him and his muscle bound brother, is witty and makes the book even more enjoyable.

This book also develops the character of Bob Owden, a take-charge, take no prisoners boss who fears he is losing his turf and the respect of everyone who does business on his turf. The chapters that show him hunting down enemies and former friends are violent, bloody, and gory; which is just how I like them!

I found this book to be the most violent of the Stanton books and that sits well with me. The violence is brutal, but not gratuitous. It fits perfectly into the unfolding plot and kept me itching for more chapters with him. The best part of this book is that while I was itching for more chapters with his character, every time I got my wish, I was wishing for more chapters with the Stantons. That is the way this novel unfolded…it just kept getting better and better and I was hooked for the opening paragraph.

If you are familiar with Stanley, then I am sure you have this book on your radar. If you are new to his writing, grab some of his older work and get started. Once you read him, you will know why I am raving about his work. Highly recommended.


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