Sewerville is a great intro to a great author


There is so much to like about Sewerville by Aaron Saylor. The characters have depth, the plot is one of lost chances, lost souls, and redemption, the story has drugs, murder, and double crossings, and there are plenty of plot twists to keep a reader flying through the pages.

The setting for this far-reaching novel is Sewardville and the town is controlled by the powerful arm of Walter Slone. He sits as the mayor of the town, his son is the Sheriff, and the crime and drug trade is under their control. Boone is the enforcer for the town and for the family and he is the main character. Nothing goes on in the town without the Slone family approval. But when events that are not condoned by the family begin to happen, the ripple effects begin to take on a life of their own.

Boone’s brother, Jimmy, kills a local deputy and wounds the Sheriff in a moment of rage. The distribution of consequences falls to Boone and he is tasked with the murder of his own brother. The ramifications for this action lead Boone to question his commitment to the town, the family, and to himself. The matter that complicates this internal struggle is Boone is married to Walter Slone’s daughter and this marriage has given them a daughter, a granddaughter that Walter Slone is furiously protective of and would never allow Boone to take from him.

Saylor’s writing has great depth and he has an ability to show brutality on one page and extreme heart on the next. That allowed this book to have a deep, heartfelt vibe that resonated with me. Boone’s internal struggle between what he wanted from his life, what he has done with his life, and his biggest struggle, what will he do with the rest of his life, is a beautifully crafted piece of writing and brought this story to life.

I am thrilled that this author got onto my radar. His writing is great and shows promise of even better things to come. I will be looking for more from him and you would be smart to grab a copy of this book and enjoy.

Highly recommended.


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