A Bona Fide Great Read


Who doesn’t like to read a story that starts strong, ends with a pop, and has nothing but great action between these two parts? Who doesn’t like a story that has sex, drugs, and guns? In other words, who isn’t going to love sinking their teeth into Bona Fide Jobs by Greg Barth?

Weighing in at a mere 36 pages, this tight little piece has enough going for it that it warrants a great review to share with everyone that Barth has written a must read for anyone who has 20-30 minutes of time to get lost in a gritty read. I read this in one sitting and I can imagine most people who have a public transportation commute would love to read this one during said commute; before you know it the book and the ride would be over.

The plot is one that required little set-up and was right up my alley. Carl is hired to help protect a drug deal that is going down with some Mexican drug dealers who may or may not have double crosses on their mind. Carl goes into the drug deal with two eyes opened and a gun ready for a quick draw.

Suzi is his girl, well she’s kind of everyone’s girl, since she is a stripper with a taste for men and any man who can get her drugs moves even higher on her list of favorites. She gets wind that Carl’s latest job may be a set-up and she is left in a position to decide if she remains loyal or switches her allegiance to the next man on the totem pole of power.

This short story is a great introduction to Barth for those unfamiliar with his work, and a great tide-me-over for those of us awaiting the next Selena book. No matter which of those groups you fit into, you would be wise to drop a dollar and enjoy this fabulous piece of writing.

Highly Recommended


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