All Due Respect 6: A Gift

Every time All Due Respect puts out a new issue of short stories, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. The excitement as the big day of publishing gets closer and closer. The wondering of what treats will be in store for me. The absolute thrill when the big day finally arrives and of course, the excitement as I rip into the gift to see if the anticipation was worth all the hype.

Well, with All Due Respect Issue 6, the answer is a resounding, “Yes, the wait was well worth it”! This baby is packed to the gills with great stories and great reviews that added some more depth to my TBR pile.

The party kicks off with Rib Eye by Preston Lang. When a poker player who is owed thousands of dollars hires Medley to retrieve his money for him, he quickly realizes he is getting more than he bargained for. Not because Medley is a woman who won’t stop till she gets what she is after, but because she will go to any lengths to get what she wants. Medley is one tough lady who will hurt anyone, or anything, to get the money she is after.

Next up was The Donut Dealer by Sarah M. Chen. When the Star Corporation decides they want to buy the local lagoon area and kick out all the local Chinese businesses so they can update the area, they don’t realize how far the local Chinese community will go to keep what is theirs. The big corporation sends in their big guns, but the local business owners may have something a little more powerful up their collective sleeve. Drug dealing and murder…a sweet combination. This was a dynamite read!

The party kept rolling along with Wayne Kershaw Goes to Church by C.J. Edwards. Wayne Kershaw is in a loveless marriage and finds his needs met by a local woman named Pearl. The fact that Pearl’s former husband is a convict who is serving time in prison does not dissuade Wayne from having this affair, nor does he care that the affair drives his wife to church as she seeks salvation from the local pastor. But on one fateful night all the pieces to this puzzle collide and turn his world upside down and inside out. In my opinion, this was the best story in the collection.

The Hope Spot by James Queally is the story of a man who is trying to do the right thing even as temptations try to lead him down the wrong path. After losing his job in law enforcement for getting caught in a YouTube video beating a suspected drug dealer, Richie turns to professional wrestling to make a buck. All is going well until one of his friends from the business attempts to get him involved with some shady business dealings.

In The Take by Rob Brooks we get a nifty tale of a bank robbery that leads to a security guard being killed and a robber on the run after his getaway drivers leave him stranded. This story has an old school pulp novel feel and it was a ton of fun to read. I was waiting for the double cross throughout the story, but the ending was even better than I anticipated.

The last story is Joyride by Scott Loring Sanders. I thought this story also had the old school pulp feel to it. The story is a basic criminal takes an apprentice under his wings plot, but Sanders does an excellent job keeping it feeling fresh and interesting. The story had me flying though the pages and I found this to be one hell of a good read.

One of the greatest things about this collection of stories was it introduced me to six new authors and each one had a great story that peaked my interest in checking out some of their other works. Throw in all the excellent book reviews that close this issue up and you have another awesome book form All Due Respect.

Another thing that I love about the publishing of an All Due Respect issue is that it is better than Christmas because you don’t have to wait a whole year to for it to happen again. I for one hope another issue is already in the works.

Highly recommended.



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