CS DeWildt Does it Again


The Louisville Problem is the third piece of writing from CS DeWildt that I sampled and I am definitely acquiring a taste for his writing. This is a short, quick piece of fiction but it packs a bunch and is sure to leave a bruise that you will be thinking about for a while.

There is something about this piece of flash fiction that left me with the notion it could have been written back in the days of the pulp novels. It has great components of noir fiction: dames (a mother and a daughter), a suave conman (who is bedding said mother and daughter), a double-crossing that is planned far in advance of its happening, and well-written criminal minded behaviors.

Being that it is a quick read, a synopsis may give too much away. If you are reading this, odds are you enjoy noirish books that are dark, having twisted characters, and you like disturbing characters. If all that is true, throw down the few dollars it costs to read this beauty. Soon DeWildt is gonna break in a big way and you will be scrambling to read his “old stuff”. So why don’t you get ahead of the curve and be able to say you read him when he was on the way up.

Highly Recommended


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