Hashtag delivers on Pruitt’s Promise


After reading Eryk Pruitt’s first book Dirtbags, I was intrigued to read more from him and see if he could produce a second novel that matched the greatness of his first book. I was thrilled when I saw I was offered the opportunity to get an ARC of Pruitt’s second book, Hashtag. I am please to say that this book not only lived up to the promise of his first book, but actually gives the impression that Pruitt is gaining steam in his writing career. This novel is even better than the first, and anyone who read his first novel would know that this says a great deal about the greatness of this book.

One of the best things about Pruitt’s books is the amazing cast of characters that he creates. Each character is developed nicely and the fact that the reader gets invested into each character makes each chapter exciting to read. No sooner are you finished with a chapter and you feel disappointed that you are leaving an engaging storyline, you reenter another storyline that you have been waiting to return to and you become excited to reenter this world. The end result is a book that seems to fly along like a bat out of hell, taking the reader on a ride they will remember for a long time.

This book has drugs, guns, crime, grit, and corrupt lawmen. In other words, this book has everything a noir book needs to become the talk of the town. 280 Steps publishing has a winner on their hands and this is the type of book that they can put out as a good indicator of the type of books they will publish; kick ass noir that sucks a reader in and leaves them wanting more. Pruitt is poised to become a must read author and has the noir world on a string. This is a dynamite read.

Highly recommended.


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