Ruthless is a Great Summer Thriller


Ruthless by John Rector is probable one of the nest summer thrills that you will find for your beach reading this year. It has a pace that never lets up from start to finish, has characters that are well fleshed out, and has that “John Rector” little something extra that puts it into the must read category.

Nick White is a man who has seen his share of heartache and despair. He is separated from his wife due to his gambling problem, and he is searching for something that will give his life meaning. One night at a bar he frequents all to frequently, he is mistaken for someone he is not and his life will never be the same. He is handed a package and it is not until later that he looks into the package and realizes the danger his life may be in. He has received $20,000 and a photograph of a young lady he is expected to kill. Knowing he can’t go to the police and knowing he can’t just return the money, he looks to his father, a retired police officer, for advice. When the advice is to leave town for a bit, Nick is forced to confront his own sense of preservation and balance it with his sense of duty to a young lady whose life is in jeopardy.

I found this book to be both a page turning thriller and a welcome return to the worlds that John Rector creates. Anyone who has ever read a book by Rector is sure to agree that he sucks you into the world he has created and it is not until you read the final paragraph that you can leave his world without having it sitting in the back of your mind.

For anyone who is looking for the perfect book to take to the beach or just to get lost in while you are commuting to work, look no further than the newest John Rector book. Rector has been cementing his name among the best thriller writers around today and this book will only push his reputation even further into the discussion of today’s best thriller writers.

Highly Recommended


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