Hard Cold Whisper is a Dynamite Read


Hard Cold Whisper by Michael Hemmingson was a breathe of fresh air, yet a return to a time when books had dames, money, and double crossings. There is so much to enjoy between the covers of this book and everyone should be running to get a copy.

David Kellgren is a process server and is prideful of the fact that he has never missed serving papers to someone he is seeking. He will go into the roughest, toughest neighborhoods and get the job done. On one tough job he meets Gabriella Amaya, who is the caretaker for her rich, dying aunt. Their relationship starts with an attraction that escalates into a full-blown affair. But their budding love is not enough for Gabriella, as she wants the freedom that will come with the passing of her aunt, as well as the millions of dollars she feels she is owed from her aunt’s estate. She sets out to seduce David into becoming her murder weapon, but David needs to be wary of his sexy, money hungry girlfriend, because things may not be as they seem.

I loved this book and will be looking for more books by Hemmingson. His writing style is tight and he doesn’t waste a word as he brings you into a world you will hate to leave when the story is over. The feel of this novel is the same one who get when you read older novels that are now labeled as the classics. The double-crossings, the woman who will seduce anyone in her path, and the man who is led by his heart (and a little by his loins) is a story that has been written before, but Hemmingson puts a nice spin on it and crafts a story that is all his own and is more than enjoyable.

Highly Recommended.


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