Dodging Bullets Hits Its Target


“Nobody ever changes,” he said. “Human nature isn’t a light switch you can turn on and off. Some people are pieces of (trash) and they’ll stay pieces of (trash) their whole lives. That’s the way of things. That’s why men like me stay in business….(and) business is very good.”

Dodging Bullets by Joe McKinney is a very well-written tale of Peto Hurst, a low level heroin dealer who makes a big move to not only to get out of the heroin business, but to take a little extra with him and his girlfriend. The only problem with his plan is that the little extra belongs to the Mexican Mafia and their affiliates. Although Peto thinks his plan is well thought out, he quickly learns that even the smallest strings that are left unties and quickly unravel even the tightest of plans.

The book has many great secondary characters, from mafia henchmen to Pet’s love interest. I especially likes the chapters that Peto interacts with the mafia henchmen, as they are cruel and callous and McKinney does a great job describing their inner evil as they search for the missing product and seek answers and retribution. These secondary characters helped propel the storyline forward and really added depth to the book.

McKinney has written many previous works, but this was my first exposure to him. I found his writing to be very entertaining. He keeps his plots tight and his characters are fairly well developed. He started the book with a chapter that sucked me right into the book and refused to allow me to put the book down. I think that is essential for a reader like me. I have so many books on my To Be Read pile that a book needs to grab me from the get-go and keep the story moving at a breakneck pace. McKinney did just that with this book and that is what makes it a winner in my eyes. I will be seeking out more of his work and I recommend you do the same. This is a great introduction to him for all readers of crime novels.



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