Make a Pact to Read This Great Book


Number Thirteen Press has released their 8th book and they seem to be pretty intent of kicking ass and taking names with this one! The Pact by Turlough Delaney is everything a tight book is meant to be…great plot that features murder, drugs, revenge, and sex…characters that come to life and illicit emotion from the reader…and an ending that closes the book with a bang and leaves the reader salivating for the next book by the author (and in this case the next book from the publisher as well!)

Revenge is in large supply for Santy, Leo, and Dean as they look to supply payback to local drug dealers for all the misery they inflict on the community they push drugs through. Santy is the ringleader and demands loyalty from Leo and Dean if they join “the pact” of taking out the trash that is peddling drugs to their neighbors. Once the Leo and Dean have sealed their deal with Santy, they begin to realize how far he is willing to go to rid the streets of the local dealers.

All is going according to plans until the three men realize the cops are onto them and the only way the cops would know about their murderous activities is if a “rat” turned them in. The race against time and the law is on and they need to figure out who has turned against the pact and betrayed their trust. Each man is forced to question everything they know about the others as they realize there is no one they can really trust.

I found this book to be a balls-to-the-wall ride that leaves the reader with torched finger tips from turning the pages so quickly and leaves the reader short of breath from anxiety as Delaney ratchets up the suspense till the book seems poised to explode from the tension.

At this point, I find myself looking forward to the middle of each month so I can get my hands on the latest release from Number Thirteen Press. Their plan is to release 13 books and then end the fun??? If they think they can give us these types of books and we are all going to let them ride off into the sunset after they publish 13 books, they are out of their bugging minds. I will start the revolution myself if need be. This publishing outfit needs to hunker down for the long haul and come to grips with the fact their business model is being forced into a new direction. We need them to just keep turning out books at this pace and never look back. Bravo to them for their ability to sniff out winners in a crowded publishing world. Bravo to Turlough Delaney for having written one of their strongest books (and if you have read their other 7 books you know that is a great compliment…if you haven’t read their other 7 books you are dead to me).

Highly recommended.


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