Another Strong Book From One Eye Press Singles


After reading a few of the One Eye Press Singles and being very impressed, I decided to give Gunmen by Timothy Friend a read. I am not a big fan of westerns, so I was unsure if I would like this offering. I am pleased to say that not only did I like the book, but it has me rethinking my stance of not liking westerns.

Charles Brittle and Owen Ashe have a bar on the fringes of a town in the middle of the desert. The town has few inhabitants and their bar has even fewer. While they have no bar business, they do have a strong sense of justice and morality and decide to attempt their hand at capturing a bank robber and gathering the reward money for his capture.

The capture of the fugitive goes smoothly enough, but during their attempt to gather the reward money, they are thrust into the middle of a battle between a local sheriff and a gang of brothers who know no limits to the savagery. After killing one of the brothers, Brittle and Ashe are thrust into the middle of a war when the family of outlaws swears revenge.

This book was a fast and entertaining read. Timothy Friend seems to be a strong author and every chapter was engaging and helped keep the story moving at a quick speed. I am happy I gave the book a chance and I will certainly look for future works from Friend. While I started the book uncertain if I would like westerns enough to make it through the whole book, I am realizing that One Eye Press only puts out strong books and if they put their stamp of approval on a book, I can be certain I will like it!



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