This One is a Winner


Worm by Anthony Neil Smith is a novel that will keep you engaged long into the night and have you rushing back for more once you open your eyes in the morning. The story has violence, drugs, and women with loose morals…what isn’t to love about a book like that?

Ferret is a “worm”, meaning he is a new guy on the oil fields in North Dakota. He has come to the fields to avoid ending up working for his father-in-law back in Alabama. He has left behind his wife and daughter and he is trying to remain loyal to them and keep his mind on making money and bringing his family to live with him. But the temptations are plentiful and he keeps trying to fight the good fight. In order to succeed in getting his family to come to him, he needs more money…and fast.

Gene Handy, a fellow oil worker, is a huge man. Huge in size and in ambitions. He sees the oil fields as a money making diamond mine for the right man…a man with big plans and a willingness to do whatever he needs to do to fulfill these plans. In order to pull himself up to a higher station in life he needs more money…and fast.

Needing help from someone with connections they lack, Handy and Ferret turn to the boss in the oil fields, Pancrazio. Pancrazio has no morals, but also has big plans to make money and become the number one man on the fields. His ambitions run high, but he may find that there are more obstacles in his way than he first thought.

Once this plot gets going, there is no slowing it down (Who the hell would want to anyway?). I have always enjoyed Anthony Neil Smith’s work, but this is one of his best (well that’s kinda hard to say because so many of his books really kick ass). This book has been out for a bit, so I am sure I am one of the last to the party, but if you haven’t grabbed a copy of this great read you are best to rectify that oversight immediately and grab a copy, then sit back and enjoy this awesome book.



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