A Western With Heart and Soul


It was the fall of 1882. After killing four men in West Virginia, the mute, Cody Williams, and Tompal Banks, killer of twenty-three men by his own estimates, crossed the Ohio River into Kentucky….Tompal swore that they would not kill anyone in this land new to all three, a vow they would break before the next sunset in the town of Mercy…

Ok 280 Steps, you have my attention. It seems every book I have picked up from your company has kept me glued to the pages and has kept me thinking of the book even after the last page has been turned. But with Out of Mercy by Jonathan Ashley, you have outdone yourselves.

This book was a flat-out kick-ass, wild ride through the old west. It is a bloody, pulpy tale that had me hooked from the opening chapter. With witty dialogue, great characters that come to life, and bloody scenes, this book shows you that Jonathan Ashley has writing skills that few others can match.

When Tompal Banks, Cody Williams, and the mute roll into the town of Mercy, Kentucky, they find themselves surrounded by a slew of strange and interesting characters that have hidden agendas and secrets they would prefer stay hidden. The threesome have some merchandise that acquired after a deadly shootout and they now have to stay one step in front of the rightful owners of said merchandise.

One of the greatest strengths of this book is the wide range of characters and how well developed they each are. They each have in-depth background stories and Ashley paints them with vivid strokes of heartbreak, desires, and motivations. As the reader feels they truly know each character, their actions are understandable and help the storylines weave together and allow the story to seem multilayered.

This book started out with a blast and seemed to get better and better as the book continued. I was a little unsure if I would like the book, as I don’t read “westerns”. But I had nothing to worry about; the book was a dynamite read. I will be seeking out more books by this author and I will certainly be keeping my eye in 280 Steps in the future!

Highly Recommended.


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