Death Thing is Full of Life and Laughs


I just finished reading Death Thing by Andrew Hilbert and I think this is one hell of an entertaining and fun read! While the plot is definitely on the unbelievable side, with a little bit of suspension of disbelief, I had a great time flying through the pages of this exciting book.

When Gilbert (don’t call him Gil, only his wife calls him that) gets sick and tired of getting his car broken into, he sets out to turn his car into a death trap for would-be thieves. What seems like a crazy idea at first gets him the desired results and the attention of his neighbor and the local police force.

From Gilbert’s obsession over tuna fish with pickles to his insistence to not being called Gil, this book has lots of laughs, lots of violence, and shows this author has lots of potential to have a hell of a writing career.

This book deserves a large audience. Although it is hard to pigeonhole it into a specific genre, I feel safe labeling it as a laugh out-loud, ass kicking, fun and wild read. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy and strap yourself in…it’s gonna be a long enjoyable ride.