Nicely Plotted and Fun to Read


We all have relationships in our lives that were meaningful at one time and, as time passes, these relationships fade from our lives, leaving memories and often regrets.

Pale in Death by Ed Brock brings this familiar theme to the reader as Mark Freer, cop reporter, finds himself reporting on the beating death of Amelia, a woman he recognizes and was romantically connected to in his not too distant past. While this would cause anyone to question how this tragedy might have turned out differently if their relationship had remained intact, Mark has even more reason to question his choices to end the relationship. While he was dating Amelia he introduced her to Lester Little, who got Amelia hooked on meth. As Amelia’s life begins to spiral out of control, Mark realizes he must break off this relationship if he has any hope of finding the life he is seeking. He leaves Amelia to fend for herself and moves on with his life. While his life turns out fairly well, seeing how Amelia’s life ended he is forced to question his choices and also seeks answers to how Amelia’s life ended the way it did.

Brock delivers a nicely paced thriller that has an interesting cast of characters and is well plotted. 280 Steps publishing is certainly adding some great books to their catalogue and this is a worthy addition. While not particularly noir in its scope, it is a book that is worth picking up and enjoying.