Strip is a Hell of a Read


So you say you are looking to dig into a book that has really bad bad-guys, strippers, murder, sex, and a great crime at its heart? Well then look no further that Strip by John Bruni. This book is a noirish crime novel that has a superb cast of characters that intersect in the second half of this book that had me engaged to the final scene.

Will works as an announcer at a strip joint, but he has problems. Big problems. He doesn’t make enough money to keep a roof over his head. When he approaches his boss for a raise, he is rebuffed. This sets the wheels in motion for him to plan to rob his boss of the thousands, if not millions, of dollars that are kept in the office safe.

As Will ponders how to bring his plan to fruition, he meets a crazy cast of characters who are more than willing to help him steal the money. From a recent prison parolee to an undercover policewoman masquerading as a stripper, this book has a great cast of characters that allows the story to flow smoothly.

Bruni has a lot of things that work well in this book, but the strongest aspect to the novel is the way the story incorporates all the characters so seamlessly and provides nice background stories for each of them. Bruni clearly has a strong understanding of how to move his plots along and the book never seems to drag. I was engaged from the first word to the last word and was sorry to have the book conclude.

Overall this book is a strong crime novel, as well as a nice piece of noir. The characters start at the bottom and never seemed destined to get any higher than the bottom rung. I strongly recommend you pick this book up and see what a strong writing career Bruni seems to have in front of him.

Highly recommended.